Frequently asked questions

How Joppy works?

Joppy aimend to ease the first approach between tech companies and candidates. We create matches between job offers and techies preferences, and let them talk only when the candidates proactively say they are interested in the offer.

Why are profiles anonymous?

Joppy is a techie-centered app. We want to create a comfortable environment where developers could see for new job opportunities without pain. With the anonymous profiles we reach that developers that don't update their LinkedIn profiles because of the spam received with not interesting offers.

How can I see more information about the candidates?

If profile information is not enough, you can use our quick question to ask important information in a easy way or ask anything else by yourself. Remember, it's a chat ;)

Can I search for candidates?

No, at Joppy candidates come to you. When you post an offer we'll show it to candidates that match with what you need, once they say are interested you will be able to chat with them.

Why the company and job description are so small?

We know what techies want to know (we are one of them!). And large job descriptions is not part of it. Tell them what makes your company interesting and what are they mainly going to do in their day to day.

How is the signup process?

Extremely easy. Just set up what your expectations are (salary, location, etc) and what are you good at (your rol and main skills) in a simple two-steps screen. That's all. No need to fill long formularies or CVs.

By default we will create you an anonymous profile, although you are welcome (but not mandatory) to fill your real data.

How Joppy works?

Once you have a profile we will show you only those offers that match your skills and comply with your expectations. It is up to you accept, reject or snooze them.

Every time you accept an offer we create a chat between you and the company. By default the recruiter will see your anonymous profile and, if you feel comfortable, you can share your real profile.

Why is my profile anonymous by default?

We create anonymous profiles by default to protect your privacy (you might not want anybody knows that your are looking for a change) and, at the same time, avoid companies having bias opinions based on gender, age, race or anything else beside the candidates skills.

Can I share my real profile?

Yes, you can show your real profile for an individual conversation but, to preserve your anonymity, only if the recruiter explicitly asks you previously. Take into account for a recruiter is always nicer to talk with someone β€œreal” than an anonymous avatar :)

Are you going to bother me with too much notifications?

We hate spamming to! we only send you notifications for important stuff and you can set want type of them you want o don't want to receive. Currently we support to channels: web push notification and emails.

WPN are better for realtime, you will be notified each time you have a new message or you match with a new offer ;)

Can I search for a job?

No, we only show you offers that match with the preferences set on your profile.

Can recruiter search for me?

No, only recruiter from offer you had accepted can find and write to you.

What must I do if I'm hired through Joppy?

If you are hired through Joppy, that is if the first contact with the company was made through Joppy, just go into the chat of that offer and press the hired button and we will put in contact with you as soon as possible πŸ˜„

Do you really gift 🎁 me with 100€ and donate 50€ if I'm hired?

Yes. The first day you go aboard of your new job we will proceed sending a 100€ Amazon gift card and donate 50€ to the NGO or open-source project of your desire.

And if you have any other question, please contact as by mail: