We’re Antonio, Felipe and David a tech team with more than 10 years of experience on tech startups and working together since 2015.

Our story…

We met ourselves working on Letgo almost 3 years ago, building an awesome product and experiencing how is to live in a super-fast growing company. After a bit more than a year working together we decided to jump into Trovit to face the challenge of turning the old monolithic web into a modern Progressive Web App.

But, deep inside our heart, what we always wanted to do was to build our own project…

And it all started

After days and days thinking project ideas while sharing beers and beers (really hard times), we decided to tackle an issue we were suffering at first hand: daily attacks from recruiters with irrelevant tech job offers. Our solution: a Tinder-like app for tech jobs.

We started working on the idea on our spare time, but we suddenly realized that if we really wanted to build it we needed to work full time on it. So we leave Trovit. As team. Again.

It took us 3 months to launch Joppy's first version, and that's when the real challenge started: making techies to know it (and love it), convincing companies to try another recruitment tool and, at the same time, work everyday to make a better product thanks to their feedback. The infinite loop of reach, convince, hear, test and measure. And all of that with just 6 hands available...

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