About Joppy

Tech talent code and companies code don't need to be opposites

Hi Joppyter! We're Nico, David, Felipe and Antonio… and an incredible team with five more members. We are a tech team with more than 15 years of experience that have decoded the perfect recruitment process.

Joppy team all together

Founded in 2018

But we met each other in 2015. Two companies after (and too much spam, selection processes and infinite human resources bugs), we decided to build our own project.

+3.500 tech jobs

Five years later we have succeeded matching companies with tech professionals. We are specialized in talent from Spain, but day by day we receive offers from any global place.

+70,000 Joppyters

Our community is our strength. Joppy is what it is thanks to them. We have specialists from diverse tech areas: Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, Big Data, QA, DevOps, Product, Mobile…

Our Mission

We know that the recruitment process in the tech world is difficult. Recruiters and talent experts are always looking for the best profiles. Too much job offers, very few candidates. Spam, proposals that don't fit with the developer… and so on.

We want to make the process easy for each part. Companies need to find good talent easily… and talent needs to offers that really seem interesting to them. We write, speak, understand and share the same code.


Job offer that really matches 100% with candidate. Candidate 100% interested in a company.


We break the code to give companies as much information as possible but candidates only answer a few questions.


We have been inside and outside tech selection process. We know how the machine works… and we are trying to fix it.

Our team

Development, talent, product, content... our team comes from different areas but has the same goal: the match.

Antonio Avatar


Co-founder & Backend developer

Triple C: code, crossfit and captain

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Co-founder & Frontend developer

Dr Jekill & Mr Hyde or Dr Designer & Mr Front?

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Co-founder & Product designer

If product is a bingo, he always does line

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Good companies are like good wine

Laura Avatar


Talent advocate

If life gives you yerba, make mates

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Fullstack developer

Apprentice of everything master of all

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Tech Talent Advocate

Give me a challenge and I will return talent

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Fullstack developer

Give me code and I'll give you back a work of art