Most techies are not actively looking for a job, but most of them want to know about new opportunities. We provide them a confortable enviroment so you can reach them

  • Don’t search, candidates come to you
  • Chat with already engaged candidates
  • Faster conversations, faster results

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Just 999€ per hired techie! 🤯

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How it works


Post an offer

We only ask information we know techies want to know. Meaningful and structured information beats meaningless and long descriptions


Wait for your matches

We show your offer to candidates that match what you need. Every time one of them accept your offer, you will be able to chat with them from the dashboard


Fast conversations, fast results

You have a direct and private chat with every candidate. Try different approach, ask any info you think is important or use our proposed quick question if you are out of inspiration.


What are our customer saying

Olga KaratsoliHR Business Partner @ Marfeel

“By letting candidates come to us, Joppy really helped us connect with the experienced tech profiles we needed. It was faster, more direct, and allowed us to reach the most engaged people right away. We’ve got people starting already! ”

Lluís AnglesCTO @Exoticca

“What I like the most is the plain and direct contact with candidates, there is no middle man, resulting in a much better experience for them and the company.
It's incredible how fast you get an apply once you open an offer thanks to Joppy for being so well known in Barcelona tech ecosystem.”

Alexandra BrunHead of Talent @Stuart

“I was impressed by how Joppy is easy to use. I received more applications than I usually do on other job boards and I had the chance to get in touch with several very good candidates. Thanks for helping me saving some precious time!”

You just pay if you hire a candidate 🤯

Just 999€ per hire

  • Unlimited job offers posting
  • Unlimited recruiters accounts
  • Unlimited candidates conversations
  • A donation to an open source project will be made in your name per hire and the hired candidate will get a gift from us

Start hiring with Joppy

Just 999€ per hired techie! 🤯

I'm a developer