Do you want to be part of Joppy as an investor?

Our DNA has always been 100% techie, and that's why we want our investors to come from our community too. Sounds good, right?

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How would we like you to help us?

We want to build the best candidate-centric tech recruiting platform, and you can help us achieve that.

Product Visibility

We will create a shared space where you will have visibility into the product roadmap and can contribute with your ideas.

Additionally, quarterly meetings will be held to share this roadmap and business vision.


We would also like to give you visibility in our tech community by creating content such as articles or posts on social media to collectively boost the community.

What do we want to do?

Create a differentiating technology for candidate and company evaluation to improve the user experience both in Spain and in other European countries.

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We plan to expand to 4 Tech Hubs in Europe in the next 2 years.

AI Pre-screening

Implement improvements in candidate and company evaluation through AI that increases matching with analysis of soft and hard skills.


Incorporate talent to successfully undertake the previous 2 points, with Lean as the philosophy. Small, cohesive, and committed team -> big impact.

The Investment Round


100%From our community!