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Only 15% of developers are actively looking for a job. Focus your efforts on tech people that are really interested in working with you.

  • 0% search
  • 0% invasive
  • 100% top candidates

  • 100% interested talent

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  • Don't search

    Our matching system connects your offer with the right candidates. We have a database of +50K!

  • Match top candidates

    We manually screen all candidates before they reach you, and we add our expert opinion about their profiles. Then you can chat with candidates that match with your needs.

  • ATS integration

    We're integrated with most of the ATS. Focus your effort on recruiting and save time on boring processes.

  • Pay if you succeed

    Using Joppy is free. If you don't hire, you don't pay!

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How easy is using Joppy?

And match with some of our 45,000 candidates
Step 1 for recruiters at Joppy

1. Define your offer

No search required. Complete a few fields and candidates that match with your offer will be able to apply.

Step 2 for recruiters at Joppy

2. Check candidates

An expert has already done an evaluation of your candidates, but the final decision is up to you.

Step 3 for recruiters at Joppy

3. Chat with them

You are one click away to chat with the most interesting candidates. Ask them anything you need to know.


You pay only if you hire!



Match +50K developers and pay only if you hire.

Talent Platform

9.5%Candidate's salary

Access to our platform without any limit: Post offers, match with developers, get vetted & manually evaluated candidates and schedule interviews with them.

  • Post unlimited job offers
  • Match with +50.000 developers
  • Short evaluation for every candidate
  • Branded company page
  • Chat and schedule interviews

Premium service


Talent Platform + employer branding + extra services + dedicated Talent Advocate to help you on a more efficient recruiting process, saving your time and effort.

  • Dedicated Talent Advocate
  • We post all the offers for you
  • Weekly offer optimization
  • Premium Branding Company Page
  • Support in less than 12 hours

Do you want to see top candidates without creating an account?

We give you a sneak peek: every week we select the top candidates among those actively seeking employment and send them to you via email, WhatsApp, or Telegram. No spam, and completely anonymous!

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Relax, we can solve it. We are here to help you to understand techie code... and Joppy is part of it.

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