Terms & Conditions - Referral programa

In this agreement ("Agreement") between Tres Techies S.L. with CIF B67380402 ("Joppy" “Company”) and the user ("User(s)" or “You”), the terms and conditions of the Joppy Referral Program are established. By accepting and participating in the Referral Program, Users agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:


  1. Agreement: refers to the contract formed between the parties in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program.
  2. Bonus: If the Referral finally meets Joppy's requirements, the User will receive the Referral Credit as stipulated in Annex I
  3. Referral Credit: means the points that may be exchanged during the Activation Periods for cash as indicated in Annex I
  4. Activation Period: refers to the two (2) periods during a calendar year, in which Joppy will allow Users to redeem the points earned.
  5. Platform: refers to the online service that acts as a meeting point between companies and technology professionals, specifically programmers, developed by Joppy.
  6. Referral Program: refers to Joppy's referral program, which indicates the conditions under which Users are eligible to receive Referral Credits.
  7. Referred (New Candidates): This is a person validly previously recommended by an User, and who generates a Bonus upon being hired. In this sense, any natural person may be referred, with the exception of those who, at the time a recommendation is made in their favor by a User, are already registered on the Joppy platform.
  8. Referred (Employer): is a natural or legal person who participates in the Joppy Referral Program, and who intends to use the Joppy platform to recruit employees .
  9. User: For the purposes of the Referral Program, a User will be considered a person (natural or legal) who recommends Joppy's services to another person (New Candidate) or external entity (Employer).


  1. These terms and conditions of the program referred (the “Terms and Conditions”) govern your participation in the Referral Program.
  2. These Terms and Conditions are complementary to the Privacy Policy and commercial conditions , who guarantees that they have read and consented to, as well as any other documents related to the Referral Program that appear at all times on the Joppy website: https://www.joppy.me (the Web)https://app.joppy.me (the App).
  3. You will have the right to participate in the Referral Program as long as you accept these Terms and Conditions , which you will confirm by clicking on the corresponding link . If you do not wish to accept and be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you must opt ​​out of participating in the Referral Program and, consequently, you will not receive any Bonus.
  4. Joppy reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify, replace or cancel the Referral Program and/or the Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, at any time and immediately after having communicated it on the Website.


  1. Referral Link
    1. The Company will provide each User with their own Referral Link.
    2. The Referral Link is accessible to the User through Joppy within the User's account.
    3. The User may share the Referral Link directly with third parties as deemed appropriate.
    4. Clicking on the Referral Link will open the Joppy website with a unique URL to identify the Referrer linked to the Referral Link.
  2. Referral Registration
    1. By clicking on the Referral Link, the Referral must successfully complete the registration process, which will include (without limitation):
      1. Enter your personal information;
      2. Create login details;
  3. User Credits
    1. The Referral Credit will be granted to the User when the Referral:
      1. Click on the Referral Link; and
      2. Successfully complete the registration process.
      3. Comply with the conditions indicated in Annex I
    2. For the avoidance of doubt, the Referral must complete the registration process within of weeks ( 14 days ) . If the Referral completes the registration after the expiration of the period for that particular Referral Link, no Credits will be granted to the User.
  4. Limitations
    1. Credit will only be awarded when a Referral Link is used when registering with Joppy, even if the Referral registered with the intention of participating in the Referral Program.
    2. The Credit will only be eligible for new Users and not for previous Users who had previous access to Joppy.


  1. By accepting this Agreement, the User agrees to be bound by this Agreement and any special conditions that appear on the Company's website specific to the particular Referral Program.


  1. The Bonus will accrue in favor of the User at the time in which
    1. the Referred Candidate or Employer satisfactorily becomes part of the Joppy platform, has been hired (in the case of Candidates) or used the services of Joppy (in the case of Employer) and remains during the Activation Periods.
    2. The Referred Employer uploads at least one offer and/or makes a hire on Joppy, generating a Bonus.
  2. Activation Periods will be subject to the discretion of Joppy, occurring once each semester.
  3. Joppy will notify Users of the Activation Period via email at least one (1) month in advance.
  4. Joppy will pay the Bonuses via bank transfer or Paypal account to users who reside in the European Union In the case of Bonuses derived from the contracting (or hire) by the Employer, the Bonus will only be paid once Joppy has received the fee for the services provided by Joppy.
    1. In the case of international accounts (of Users living outside the European Union), the User will be responsible for any costs that the international transfer may entail, leaving Joppy free of any related costs.
  5. The User acknowledges and accepts that they will be solely responsible for the payment of any tax, fiscal adjustment or additional charge that may arise as a result of the receipt of the Bonuses granted by Joppy, regardless of their destination country, whether inside or outside the European Union. In no case will Joppy be responsible for any tax increase or fiscal requirement that affects the User as a result of the Bonuses received. The User agrees to comply with all tax and legal obligations applicable in their jurisdiction, and exonerates Joppy from any liability related to such matters.


  1. The Referral Program and any benefits under the Referral Program will be linked solely to the User. The User may not assign or create an interest in this Agreement without the written permission of the Company.
  2. A consent, notice or communication under this Agreement is effective if sent as an electronic communication, unless physical delivery is required by law. Notices should be sent to the parties' and/or Joppy's most recent contact information.


  1. The User agrees to indemnify the Company for any loss, damage, cost or expense that the Company may suffer or incur as a result of or in connection with the User's participation in the Referral Program, including any breach by the User of this Agreement.
  2. If the Company grants the Referral Credit to the User in accordance with this Agreement and subsequently determines that the User was not actually entitled to the Referral Credit, whether intentionally or involuntarily, the Company reserves the right to claim the full value from the User of the Referral Credit.


  1. Joppy hereby disclaims all representations or warranties of any kind regarding the use of the Bonuses, or promotion of any transaction or marketing.


  1. The Program and these Terms and Conditions are governed by common Spanish Law.
  2. You agree to submit any litigation matter arising from or related to the Program and/or these Terms and Conditions to the Spanish courts and tribunals of the city of Madrid, expressly waiving your own jurisdiction, if another applies.


  1. To the extent the terms of this Agreement are inconsistent with any other communications or materials, the terms of this Agreement shall control.


Program Objective:

  • The objective of the Joppy referral program is to encourage the incorporation of new companies and candidates, as well as increase the number of companies registered on the platform that generate hires on the platform. Referrals must meet certain requirements to be eligible for rewards.

Referred Employer:

  • Users who refer an Employer will be able to get the following Bonuses:
    • 50€* for each published offer I 750€** in case a new hiring through the offer published on the Platform;
    • For the User to receive the Bonus, the Employer must register for the first time on the Platform, or in the case of an Employer already registered on the Platform, not have logged in to the Platform during the last twelve (12) months. .
    • The Employer will receive a thirty percent (30%) discount on their second hiring process.
    • * The €50 Bonus will be limited to the offers published by the Employer in the first thirty (30) days after registering for Joppy or reactivation.
    • ** The Bonus of €750 for each contract made as a result of the publication must occur in the first twelve (12) months from its registration or reactivation. In any case, the Bonus for new hire may not exceed thirty percent (30%) of the income that Joppy receives for that hire.
  • Any Joppy User, including candidates and recruiters with active accounts, may receive the Bonus indicated above in case of referring an Employer.
  • Not valid for members of the Employer's Human Resources department for referring to their own company.

Referral New Candidates:

  • Users who refer a New Candidate will be able to get the following Bonuses:
    • €500 in the event that the New Candidate is hired by the Employer through the Platform.
    • The New Candidate will also have the possibility of getting a €500 Bonus if hired by the Employer.
    • If the referred New Candidate is hired within the next two (2) years from his or her first hiring on the Platform, the User will receive €500 per referral for all subsequent hirings (The referred New Candidate will only be paid in the case of his or her first hiring).
  • Eligibility: Exclusively those Users with active accounts in Joppy for at least one (1) month, and who remain as Users throughout the duration of the promotion. The referred New Candidate must register for the first time on the Platform, and must generate a valid contract.
  • The referred New Candidate who receives the €500 will not be entitled to the €100 Amazon gift voucher + the €50 that Joppy gives to donate to an NGO.

Accumulation and Collection:

  • Users understand and accept that they will not be able to accumulate points, convertible into Bonuses, in an amount equal to or greater than €10,000 per year for referral rewards made.
  • Bonuses will be collected once Joppy has received payment from the Employer.
  • Joppy may, at its discretion, reject any referral transaction that does not comply with the conditions indicated herein, or Joppy suspects may be fraud.
  • Likewise, Joppy may suspend or cancel this promotion at any time, and without any type of prior notice (verbal or written) to Users.
  • Payments will be made semi-annually in 2 tranches:
    • Incentives generated from January 1 to June 30 will be collected on July 31. (30 days after closing of the section)
    • Incentives generated from July 1 to December 31 will be collected on January 31 (30 days after the closing of the section)